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Nov 14

November Board meeting moved to November 30th.

Due to scheduling conflicts the monthly board meeting will not be this Thursday (November 16).  It will be moved to November 30th, the week after Thanksgiving.

Nov 08

House light pole burn outs

It has been observed that several homeowner's pole/pillar lights are not working properly.

Nov 08

Common area happenings

This week we are begining the final common area shrub pruning, and we will begin putting up the Christmas lights.

Nov 02

Property Manager's report

Here is my report for the month of October.

Oct 31

Island Woods common area blow out is today and tomorrow morning

The blowout was stopped halfway for Halloween.  It will be finished first thing in the moring.

Oct 17

Update on Boise River work

When I was on Nextdoor this week I found this update on the work being done on the Boise River

Oct 16

Monthly HOA meeting this Thursday (Oct. 19th)

This Thursday at 7:00 PM we will have our monthly board meeting.  We will be discussing current and ongoing issues in the neighborhood.

Sep 29

September Property Manager's report

Island Woods Property Manager's report for the month of September.

Sep 22

Pool closed

The pool is now closed for the season.

Sep 22

Mowing in the rain

The Berms and steep areas will not be mowed this week due to rain.

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