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May 22

April Newsletter

The Island Woods HOA Board is soliciting input from homeowners regarding the possible modification of the tennis courts to accommodate the game of Pickle Ball. Residents are invited to attend the May HOA meeting to contribute to the ongoing discussion of this matter. Suggestion has been made to add temporary taped lines and trial for 30 days.

The Board would also like to determine interest in an informational presentation from the Eagle Police Department regarding crime prevention, disaster preparation, etc.

Please mark your calendars to attend our next regular meeting scheduled for: Thursday, May 26, 2016. PLEASE NOTE: The May meeting has been rescheduled for the last Thursday of the month.

Reminders From the Board:

A proposed meeting agenda will be posted on the clubhouse door 48 hours prior to each HOA meeting.

Please check your exterior entry way light (at the sidewalk) to be sure that it is lit.

Please keep garbage containers in the garage or out of site.

Dogs are to be kept on leash at all times when out of your fenced area and please do pick up after them.

Any automobile or other vehicle used by any occupant shall be parked in the driveway or garage and there is to be no overnight parking on the street.

It is that time of the year when yards need to be spruced up, lawns mowed, weeds kept under control, and whatever else may need to be done to tidy up your property.

If you see any problems or have any question please call Dave Munroe, Property Manager, at 371-7132.

LANDLORDS: Please make sure that your tenants receive a copy of this letter. It is also a good idea that a copy of the C C & R's are furnished to them. Remember, you are responsible for the actions of your tenants. Also, please give Development Services or Dave Munroe the name and phone number of any property manager taking care of the rental property if it has not been previously provided.

Thank you from Island Woods HOA Board of Directors!

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