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Aug 20

July and August Meeting Minutes posted

Apologies for the delay in posting last months meeting minutes. July and August are now posted.



Aug 20

IWHOA web site

Having issues with the website? Have a suggestion?

Aug 20


Nextdoor is a private social networking service for neighborhoods.



Aug 18

August Property Manager's Report

Here is my report for August, which was presented at this month's board meeting.

Aug 09

Final phase of chip sealing

The final phase of the chip sealing is scheduled to begin sometime this week.  As soon as the no parking signs go up, the work should begin within a couple days.  For this phase they will be laying down a layer of sealent on the gravel chips.  Once the sealant is put down they want cars to not drive on it for two hours (if possible).

Aug 09

Fertilizer and Weed control on Monday

On Monday August 14th the guys from N.C. Services will be out fertilizing our grass areas.  They will be using a liquid blend of fertilizer and crab grass/nutsedge killer.  It is recomended that people and pets stay off the turf until the application has dried.  This should take 30-120 minutes depending on how hot it is outside.

Aug 04

Wednesday 8/9/17 meeting regarding future construction at the end of Island...

Construction at the end of Island Woods Dr. may violate Idaho Fire Code.  This is a meeting to discuss the legality of the proposed construction.

Jul 28

Skunk sightings

Be aware that there have been at least three skunk sightings in Island Woods in the last couple weeks.  They have all been near houses on Trailside between Blue Jay and Island Woods Dr.  One pet was even sprayed in a back yard!  Anytime you are out walking in this area in the evening be cautious and if you see a skunk please steer clear and let me know ASAP.  I have put in a call to DENGO wildlife control to see what measures we can take to protect our residents from these cute but smelly critters.  While I wait for their recomendations just continue to be cautious when walking our beautiful grounds.  Thanks!  -Joe

Jul 25

Playground flood

Do not be alarmed if  you walk by the playground and see it full of water.  We had a battery clock malfunction which led to the valve staying on for too long and filling the payground with water.  We will be bringing in a pump tomorrow to pump out the excess water.  We have the equipment roped off until we can get all the water out and determine that it is safe.  Thank you for your patience with this issue!

Jul 24

Road Work

Chip sealing of the roads in Island Woods is scheduled to start this week.  I spoke to Greg with ACHD and he informed me that it would start Tuesday morning, so be ready for workers and messy road conditions over the next couple weeks.  For those who are new to the area, Chip sealing is a process of adding tar and small gravel to asphault which prolongs the life of the road.  When it is finished the gravel is bonded to the asphault creating a protective seal.  This process is usually done to Idaho side roads approximately every 10 years.  All the roads in Island Woods are under ACHD (Ada County Highway District) control, so they will all be chip sealed.  The only exception to this is the brick and concrete sections over our "bridges".  These will be left untouched.  I have placed a link at the bottom of this page to ACHDs website for more information on chip sealing.


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