The pool is for use by Island Woods residents and their guests. There is no lifeguard. Swimmers assume all risks associated with using the pool, and residents are solely responsible for the safety of their families and guests. Keycards of homeowners with delinquent fees shall be deactivated until past due fees are paid.

Keycard access is automatically blocked for, gate and restroom, entry at 9:00pm. Access remains blocked until 9:00am the following morning. 

New residents needing a keycard can print the request form from the website or pick one up from the box outside the clubhouse. After completing the form turn it in at the Property Manager's Office or put in the drop box located by the clubhouse entrance. Residents will be notified when their keycard has been issued.

Replacement keycards are available to homeowners. To obtain one an updated "Key Card Request" form and $25.00 replacement fee need to be turned into the Property Manager's Office or placed in the drop box located by the clubhouse entrance. Residents will be notified when their new key card has been issued.

Lost & Found items are located in plastic bin on patio or Property Manager's Office.

Rules and guidelines (including those recommended by the Central District Health Department (CDHD) have been adopted by the Board of Homeowner's Association. Security cameras are reviewed in real time, and residents who disregard rules and guidelines, put in place to ensure a safe, clean and enjoyable pool experience for all, may forfeit their pool access for an unspecified amout of time.

Requirements for use of the pool facilities, covered patio and restrooms:

► Appropriate swimwear

► Persons with open sores or infections are NOT permitted in the pool (CDHD).

► Any child under the age of 13 or homeowner's guests must be supervised by a resident or family member, 18 years or older, who reside at the Island Woods address.

► Swim diapers are required for all children not potty trained.

► Snacks are to be enjoyed at tables.

Rules for use of pool:

  • No alcohol, smoking, vaping or tobacco in any form
  • No spitting or blowing of the nose in pool
  • No diving, flipping, running, pushing, shoving, wrestling or throwing people into pool (CDHD)
  • No yelling or loud music
  • No squirt guns or inflatables of any size (Water wings okay for non-swimmers)
  • No food, gum,or glass containers in pool or surrounding pool deck area 
  • No pets
  • No littering (Please use the trash receptacle) 
  • No playing in the restrooms(CDHD) 

Important Notice: There is a seasonal issue with ants, so please remember to clean up prior to leaving the pool area. It's strongly recommended that any spills should be doused with water. A pitcher is provided, for these instances, in the "Lost & Found" bin. Be sure to make sure all garbage is tossed and you have all your belongings when leaving the area. It is up to residents to make sure any space they are vacating is clean and ready for the next family to enjoy. By working together we can make sure a poolside experience is enjoyed by all. 


Pool Hours

Hours : 9AM - 9PM Daily

The pool is generally open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Seasonal opening/closing dates are posted on the website calendar and announced via email to homeowners registered on the website.


Contact Information

Property Manager: (208) 971-5055