Tennis Courts

The luxury tennis courts at Island Woods provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the sport of tennis in an open air environment, surrounded by the abundant beauty our community has to offer. Below you will find rules and guidelines for usage of the tennis courts.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts- Usage and Expectations

An ADULT Resident must accompany all tennis players and be present during play. 

Reservations a must to ensure that the court will be available to you. 

Please limit your play to 1 1/2 hours if anyone is waiting. 

Tennis ettiquette applies to our IWHOA courts. 

No food within the tennis court gates. No glass containers. 

Please remove all trash and belongings.

Tennis Courts

Hours : 9AM - 8PM



Contact Information

Non-Emergencies : 208-971-5055

Eagle Police : 377-6790
Fire Dept. : 939-6463
Medical Emergencies : 911