Tennis Courts

The Tennis Courts are now closed for renovations.

Here is a tentative timeline for the tennis court project. Please note many factors can alter this timeline at any time, and there is no guaurantee that the tennis court will reopen this September.  

May 21, 2021: LawnCo

  • Tapes off construction area (complete)
  • Dumpster delivered to parking lot (complete)
  • Remove front berm (N/A at this time)
  • Remove fencing (complete)

3rd week of May: Soil Engineer appointment

  • LawnCo - lays fine grade ground soil if needed and completes work recommended by Soil Engineer

June 30, 2021: Evergreen Tennis Courts

  • Prep tennis court site
  • Pour concrete slab
  • Install chain link fence

July 2021: LawnCo

  • Install irrigation
  • Lay paver pads for picnic tables
  • Plant materials - plants/trees
  • Build retaining wall

August 2021: Evergreen Tennis Courts

  • Install & finish 5 coat Plexipave, epoxy surfacing system
  • Paint Court, layout tennis & pickleball lines
  • Install net & center strap
  • Wrap up the installation job

September 2021 - possible reopening

June 2022:

  • Build Pergola
  • Build Bocce Ball court
  • Install wrought iron fencing around park.


Tennis Courts

Hours : Currently closed for renovations.

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Fire Dept. : 939-6463
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