Tennis Courts


The Tennis Courts are currently closed for renovations.

Dear Neighbors,

It's mid August, and I imagine some of you are wondering, "What is happening with the tennis court property?" The last message to homeowners suggested the project would be completed by September. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen.

The the initial plan had construction of the single tennis court beginning early June, completed mid July. Because of this anticipated start date demo was completed mid May allowing time to prepare the land and build up a needed retaining wall on the east edge of court. 

Early June the contractor notified us, he was delayed due to a very rainy May/June where his current job was located. First he thought he'd be here by mid June then pushed it to after July 4th.

Unfortunately, like many other construction projects, the contractor is being held up by staffing and product availability issues. He assures us that he is coming, but he's at the mercy of the conditions under which he is functioning.

Other companies I have spoken with are also being challenged at this time. A company out of Spokane told me they are booked over a year out, and this is typical.

So our project is in queue while we continue anticipating the contractor's arrival. 

Once the initial phase is done, and the court is curing, Lawn Co. will come lay sod and install the sprinkler system for the park. The park fence, pergola,and bocce ball court will be installed as funds allow and completed after the last assessment in May 2022. The last phase for the court, installing surface lines and net, will be done approximately 30 days after the post-tension concrete is poured.

I hope this answers any questons you may have. If you have other questions regarding the tennis court project please feel free to call me.

Thank you for your patience,

Mary Wilson, Tennis Court Committee Chair                                                                                         


Tennis Courts

Hours : Currently closed for renovations.

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